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Web Conferencing Services

Webinar: The Modern Meeting

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Webinars are effective tools for getting large groups of people into a central location without incurring travel expenses or losing productivity. While an informative, vibrant presentation can keep your audience's interest, finding the right webinar hosting can be almost as important.

A webinar hosting company helps you deliver online meetings, presentations, or seminars to your audience without ever leaving your office. Interactive features like polling and live chat help keep the audience involved. And getting set up could not be simpler - you need only a phone, audio-enabled computer, and high-speed Internet connection. Best of all, reliable webinar hosting ensures everything is up and running when you're ready to present your information.

Types of webinar hosting

The type of webinar hosting you'll use depends on whether you'll work with an application service provider (ASP) or in-house software.

With an ASP, the webinar hosting company manages all webinars from their servers. Simply access the software from the ASP's web site, use the applications to set up the webinar, and then deliver your presentation.

If you use an ASP, you're incredibly reliant on the webinar hosting provider. When there's a problem, you have to contact their customer service. Also, since the Internet can't stay up 100% of the time, there may be times you can't access the software when you need it.

With in-house webinar hosting, you'll manage the software on your servers. This provides you with the most complete control, which is critical if you're going to conduct regular webinars. You can invite as many guests as your infrastructure can support, but you must have your own IT staff to do the webinar hosting, maintain the software, and stay on top of emerging problems. You'll also have to maintain a separate server so you don't compromise day-to-day activities on your network.


When choosing webinar services, make sure you get one that supports the software you want to use to share documents. Almost all support PowerPoint - but if you want to be able to share other applications, check with your vendor before you commit to a service. Discover how to manipulate the system for your presentations. Is it easy to upload the presentation or create in their software? While there is always a learning curve, knowing ahead of time the complication, or lack thereof, in creating the presentation allows you to further evaluate the effectiveness for your company.

Also, ask for a demonstration or a practice module to evaluate their application on the viewing side. Is it easy to use for the average person or geared more towards someone with an IT background? Your staff and your customers will have varying degrees of comfort with computers. Anything too difficult and they may not want to participate because they are uncomfortable navigating the system.

Webinar hosting benefits

One of the key benefits to webinar hosting is redundancy. If the first server fails while you deliver your presentation, the functionality transfers over to a different server. Each guest receives notification that the connection is being restored. To keep the presentation on track, you may decide to take questions or conduct interactive polls during this time.

Another benefit to webinar hosting is you can archive past presentations for later viewing. With archiving, guests can revisit certain parts of the presentation, or view the entire webinar at their leisure. You can either pay to store the archived presentations on the webinar hosting provider's servers, or have them uploaded to your web site for download.

Besides keeping your presentation up and running, webinar hosting companies can also provide consultants or moderators for your event. Consultants will assist you with the backend of your webinar while you prepare your presentation. This includes checking that everything works right and troubleshooting common problems. Moderators can help manage the flow of your presentation by managing guest registrations, greeting invitees, and controlling the interactive tools during your presentation.

One way webinar hosting companies ensure your company is protected is to offer service level agreements (SLA). An SLA guarantees you won't face downtime, or you may be entitled to a refund or other compensation.

Running a successful webinar

Now that you selected your web hosting, put together a presentation and are ready to go, it is important to do it right. This is another type of first impression. What you present and how you present it is even more important than the right web host. That should run smoothly behind the scenes - you need to be smooth in front of the camera.

Selecting the right solution

With reliable webinar hosting, you'll be able to deliver a quality presentation to your audience that leaves a lasting impression. Unsure how to get setup with webinars and hosting service? Let BuyerZone help. Submit a free webinar hosting request for quotes and BuyerZone will match you up with four to six different suppliers. Make sure to connect with each of them to discuss the different options and determine what works best for your business.

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