Aerial Lifts

Aerial Lifts

JLG Industries Combines Aerial Lift Manufacturing with Education

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JLG Industries has been manufacturing an assorted range of aerial lift equipment since 1969. In that time, they’ve dramatically broadened their offerings, developing machines that serve a wide variety of specialized industries. They now produce one of the world’s leading lines of aerial lifts, with brand name systems that include SkyPower, SkyWelder, SkyCutter, and SkyGlazier.

Combining versatility with performance, JLG lifts are engineered for the toughest work environments at the highest elevations. Some of the most popular types (and corresponding JLG prices) include:

JLG Product Offerings
Type Lift Height Machine width Max Lift Weight Capacity Estimated Cost
Engine Powered 20' - 63' 6'4" - 8'2" 500 - 1,000 lbs. $48,500 - $155,000
Electric and Hybrid 20' - 44' 4' - 8' 800 - 2,250 lbs. $30,000 - $42,000
Scissor Lifts (Engine/ Electric) 24' 46' 2'6" - 7'10" 800 - 2,250 lbs. $22,000 - $45,000 (engine), $13,000 - $30,000 (electric)
Towable Boom Lifts 19' - 30' 4'9" - 5'7" 500 lbs. $20,000 - $28,000
Telehandlers 18' - 55' 9' - 13' 5,511 - 12,000 lbs. $42,000 - $170,000

Development for broad range of industries

JLG Telehandler

One of the interesting aspects related to JLG is that they’ve focused their product development on a number of different industries, a few of which are somewhat underserved elsewhere in the marketplace. The standard industries you’d expect are all there: warehouse and distribution, industrial, general construction, agriculture and landscape, and commercial and retail.

But it’s the products developed for specialty niches that reveal the depth of JLG’s commitment to the widest possible application of their machines. Some of the more specialized industries they cater to include:

Product and safety training

With a mission statement that includes a desire to be “more than a manufacturing company,” JLG has made a notable commitment to providing a high level of training related to the service, safety, and parts involved with their products. Courses are focused on optimizing productivity and minimizing downtime to provide the maximum ROI for each purchase.

Known as the JLG University, classes prepare attendees with the knowledge and best practices related to the machines themselves and also reportedly teach the tools that will enable attendees to effectively train additional employees – making it highly valuable to those who are responsible for training staff within their company.

The trainings are offered in three different formats to suit both geographic limitations and time. Available formats include:

  1. Traditional classroom setting: In-person instruction located at JLG training centers and dealer locations throughout the United States.
  2. E-Learning: a self-paced option that’s delivered electronically via the web without an instructor.
  3. Online: Also delivered through the Internet, this option includes an instructor who delivers the training and course material electronically.

Upon successful completion of one of the above listed options (with a passing grade of 80% or better), attendees are qualified to perform periodic inspections, prescribed maintenance, and warranty repairs on the types of JLG equipment addressed within the seminar.

JLG also offers a three-day safety training course in which operators can get their qualifications updated on AWPs and telehandlers while gaining the necessary skills to provide operator training to employees within their respective companies.

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