Aerial Lifts

Aerial Lifts

Skyjack Takes Scissor Lifts to the Next Level

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Far from being a newcomer in the marketplace yet younger than most, Skyjack began manufacturing aerial work platforms in 1986 and has since captured more than 30% of the market share. It’s not difficult to see why. They specialize in a variety of scissor lifts that are designed to accommodate an extensive range of work conditions and heights.

Among the features that have propelled them to their current standing are robust weight capacities, roll-out extension decks, an axle-based 4WD system with rear differential, and machines that are drivable at full heights.

Skyjack Lifts and Associated Costs
Type Models Available Work Height Width Weigh Capacity Gradeability Estimated Costs
Vertical Mast Lifts 2 18' - 21'7" 30" 500 lbs. 30% $14,300
DC Electric Scissor 6 21' - 38' 32" - 46" 600 - 900 lbs. 25% - 30% $7,000 - $22,500
Rough Terrain Scissors 7 33' - 56' 68" - 92" 1,000 - 1,500 lbs. 30% - 50% $17,000 - $32,500

Vertical mast lifts

The primary benefit of a vertical mast lift is its compact footprint and heightened range of maneuverability. Skyjack’s vertical mast lifts are self-propelled, and also feature a high-degree steer angle that provides the operator with functionality and flexibility through a zero inside turning radius. This ability enables easy navigation even in tight aisles and corners. Plus, the slide away platform allows instant access to components in either the raised or stowed position.

Current models include:

DC electric scissors

With few maintenance requirements, Skyjack’s electric scissor models are designed to be easy to service and even easier to use. Compact and maneuverable, their design features a front wheel hydraulic drive and 90° steering, allowing them to slide around even the tightest corners. Also built for ramps and other uneven work surfaces, some models accommodate up to 30% gradeability allowing them to operate effectively within almost any on-slab environment. They also feature one of the industry’s more durable weight capacities for electric models, ranging between 600 and 900 lbs., depending on the lift selected.

Current models include:

  • SJIII 3215
  • SJIII 3219
  • SJIII 3220
  • SJIII 3226
  • SJIII 4626
  • SJIII 4632

Rough terrain scissors

Though Skyjack scissors could probably tackle just about any work surface imaginable, the rough terrain models aren’t just for challenging locations. Their unique design and productivity-centric features enable them to provide a high degree of efficiency and cost-effectiveness to operators in any environment. Many include a roll-out extension deck of 4.5’ to 5’ that enables the operator to reach items on ledges, shelves, or warehouse racks. Depending on the machine selected, rough terrain models also include 4-wheel drive and are drivable at full height – with the deck fully extended.

Current models include:

  • SJ7127 RT
  • SJ7127 RT
  • SJ8831 RT
  • SJ9250 RT
  • SJ6826 RT
  • SJ6832 RT
  • SJ6832 RTE

Other products

While they tend to specialize in the development and manufacture of scissor lifts, Skyjack also produces a number of other aerial lifts, some of which are established in the marketplace and some that are relatively new.

These include:

Corporate network

Manufactured, sold, and supported by dealers located throughout the world, Skyjack currently has production facilities in Canada, the United States, and Hungary, as well as support offices in both Europe and Asia. The company itself is a division of Linamar Corporation (LNR, TSX), a manufacturer of precision-machined components, assemblies, and modules.

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