Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Choosing Office Cleaners

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When choosing office cleaners, you'll generally have large national companies and small, local organizations competing for your business. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but as long as you're dealing with well-trained, experienced cleaners, either choice could work for your business.

Start by determining what level of services you need from office cleaners, how often you need services, and what special needs you have. Having realistic expectations is a must - a top to bottom cleaning of an entire office building will cost a premium.

Also, how soon do you need service? While some office cleaners can get started the moment the ink dries on a contract, other companies require multiple follow-up meetings at your location over several weeks before getting your business set up.

Local vs. national: how to find the right office janitorial service

Cleaning is a very personal service. And whether you have a special event or an extra task that needs completing, response time can be critical. With that in mind, there are a number of pros and cons associated with both local and national services that can help you weigh one over the other.

Local cleaning services are owned by people who can make quick decisions in the moment, sometimes even with you still on the phone. This isn't always the case with a national company, as they have to relay the service call through the sales rep to an account supervisor - a process that can take time. Locally-owned private cleaning services are also free from a lot of the red tape that comes with shareholders. This enables them to invest more in the company itself, as well as the employees, and ultimately the result of their service.

The smaller "Mom and Pop" office cleaners make up for restrictive budgets with a strong community presence and family business appeal. Keep in mind though that the tightened purse strings prevent homegrown businesses from maintaining a large staff or perform the bells and whistles that some companies want.

National cleaning services often have more cash flow at hand, and therefore may have access to newer, technologically-advanced equipment (when necessary). Their network can also be more extensive, enabling them to quickly replace a sick or injured employee without impacting the cleanliness of your facility, and often without you even knowing. They also have enough staff on hand that they can send replacement workers to your office if you are unhappy with the original work done.

Finally, national companies are sometimes able to offer lower rates, but the flip-side here is that it's a cost-savings they may be taking from their employees - a practice that may diminish the level of quality related to service when compared to a smaller, locally-owned company.

Once you know the level of services you want, submit a free request for commercial cleaning service quotes. BuyerZone will match you up with 4 to 6 different office cleaners who will access your facilities and review your options. Simply compare the price quotes and choose the office cleaner you feel most comfortable working with.

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