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Office Coffee Services

Is a Flavia Coffee Maker the Best Option?

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Flavia coffee makers are a popular choice of single serve coffee brewer in large and small offices alike. Flavia brewers are energy efficient, hassle-free, and user-friendly, but is a Flavia coffee machine the right choice for your break room?

The pros and cons of a Flavia coffee maker

The advantages of the Flavia coffee maker include:

The disadvantages of a Flavia coffee maker include:

Keurig offers another popular single serve brewing option for offices, similar to the Flavia coffee maker. The Keurig can be used to brew coffee, tea, iced beverages, or hot cocoa at the touch of a button within 60 seconds. The brewer offers three different cup sizes and a removable drip tray to accommodate larger travel mugs.

Both the Flavia and Keurig offer energy efficient features to minimize the use of electricity. The Flavia will only heat enough water to brew one cup at a time, and both machines feature an energy-saving mode to automatically turn off energy-draining devices in the machine, such as the boiler and the lights, when not in use.

Moreover, Mars Drinks, which owns Flavia, has a five-part sustainability initiative, which aims to eliminate 100% of landfill waste from Flavia brewers and source 100% of their coffees and teas from certified sources by 2015.

Which Flavia brewing machine is best for your office?

A single person drinking one cup of coffee a day will drink 250 cups in a year (in a five-day-a-week, fifty-week work year). Flavia offers bulk packs of its coffees for $56.49 per 100-pack, which works out to around $140 per person per year.

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