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Are Nespresso Coffee Capsules Cost Efficient?

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Nespresso coffee capsules have an exclusive packaging method that seals coffee in an aluminum capsule. The pressurized seal on each pod preserves the more than 900 different aromas and flavors of fresh coffee grounds for several months, so you can store them until you brew! Additionally, all aluminum Nespresso coffee capsules are 100% recyclable.

Prices of Nespresso coffee capsules

Brewing regularly with Nespresso coffee capsules at home or in the office is higher cost than using regular drip. How much can you expect to pay to brew with Nespresso coffee pods?

According to, 50 Nespresso capsules are available for around $50 (sometimes less), costing about a dollar per capsule. Depending on your or your office's coffee consumption, the pods could set you back anywhere from thirty to several hundred dollars per month.

Nespresso is clearly a significantly higher cost by weight. Per pound of coffee, Nespresso capsules retail at $51. This is in comparison to store bought drip coffee which averages between $10-12 per pound.

However, a Nespresso pod brewer ($229 - $299) comes at a significantly reduced cost compared to a large espresso machine for home or office use. (One example is Breville, who's machines cost upwards of $500)

Coffee Services Pricing
Cost of Coffee Per Pound Cost of Coffee Per Cup (6 oz) Cost of Coffee Machine
Nespresso $51 $1.00 $229-$299
Breville - - >$500
Generic Drip Coffee $10 $0.25

There is no question that you're paying significantly more for Nespresso coffee than you will for a traditional drip. However, Nespresso still manages to dominate the single serving coffee industry - whose worldwide sales account for 28.6% per year compared to 5.9% for drip brewed coffee. Even though Nespresso coffee pods are almost six times as much as a pound of coffee pound for pound, customers are still willing to spend the money due to the convenience of using a one touch Nespresso pod brewing system.

Ultimately, the choice between Nespresso pods or another coffee brewing system comes down to personal preference. If single serve coffee is your desire, a Nespresso system has a less expensive initial investment and the convenience and taste of a variety of flavors. However, if you're just as happy drinking coffee from the pot, you'll save a lot of money sticking to your Mr. Coffee (starts at $17.99).

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