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Time and Attendance Systems

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Amano is not one of the more well-known manufacturers of time and attendance equipment - in part because time management solutions are just one part of the group's business. But despite their rather small presence in the market, the company has steadily developed a reputation for reliable and affordable timekeeping solutions.

If your business is looking for new time and attendance equipment, Amano is definitely one of the manufacturers you should consider. Here's why.

Experience and resources

While they may be a subsidiary of a large Japanese business with over $18 billion in assets, Amano has been manufacturing reliable world class attendance systems and time clocks since 1931.

Amano manufactures a range of different timekeeping solutions, from simple time clocks to the more sophisticated biometric fingerprint and hand scanning devices. They are also continuing to develop their reputation in the market by providing businesses with some of the most affordable and advanced timekeeping solutions available.

To accomplish that goal, they purchased Accu-Time Systems, Inc. (ATS) in 2010, incorporating their knowledge related to the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of time and attendance hardware and workforce management tools.

Amano is also a Gold Developer of Intuit's popular business accounting software QuickBooks.

Amano time clock reviews

The vast majority of reviews seem to be fairly positive, whether considering one of Amano's more basic time clock models like the classic time stamp (side printer) or their more sophisticated biometric authentication and ID/IC card reading equipment.

Organizations looking for a biometric timekeeping solution should feel confident when considering Amano's Time fingerprint and hand scanning time clocks. Offering the same dependability and simplicity as their more basic models, they provide a less expensive alternative to some of the more well-known models available. Plus, the provided software integrates well with the vast majority of payroll and account packages.

Key benefits users highlight include ease-of-use and reliability, with most units offering great value for the money when compared to competing models.

Additional cost-saving functions that have been reported are:

Whatever type of solution you're looking for, Amano is committed to offering excellent levels of customer support. And with the widespread availability of accessories, from Amano time clock ribbons to badges and time cards, you can be sure your timekeeping solution will always be up and running.

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