Time and Attendance Systems

Time and Attendance Systems

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Comparing Time and Attendance Software Support

Software support is often considered a secondary factor when purchasing a new time and attendance system. But to ensure success and your internal customer satisfaction, invest time in asking your vendors about their support services.

Time and Attendance Buying Tips from Other BuyerZone Users

We asked BuyerZone users to share their tips on how to get the right time tracking system at the right price - see what they said, rate their tips, or submit your own.

How Time and Attendance Systems Minimize Employee Absenteeism

Absenteeism is a major problem for business owners, affecting employee morale, productivity, benefit costs, and profitability. The right software can help you get a handle on the problem - and address it.

Real-world Time and Attendance System Prices from Recent Buyers

Find out what other BuyerZone users paid for time tracking systems - from basic systems for small businesses, to ASP-based hosted services, to enterprise-level time and attendance systems.

The Myths of Biometric Time and Attendance Systems: True or False?

Take a look into the myths about biometric time and attendance systems and get tips on how business owners can smoothly transition to use the technology.

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10 Things to Consider When Buying Payroll Time Clocks

Many businesses have to manually input employees' hours into their payroll - which can be time consuming and lead to errors. A better solution is to use payroll time clocks to keep track of when employees 'clock' in and 'clock' out.

A Discount Time Clock Can Have Hidden Costs

Understand the true costs and value of time attendance systems and learn about the hidden costs in making a discount time clock purchase.

Biometric Time Clock Options

For the most secure form of timekeeping, a biometric time clock provides needed, foolproof and accurate records.

Boost the Performance of Your Work-at-Home Employees

This article gives business owners an idea of how to leverage the data gathered by time and attendance systems to improve the productivity of their work-at-home employees.

Buying Construction Work Time Clocks

Accurate timekeeping doesn't need to be a problem for construction job sites. There are construction work time clocks available that are portable, easy to use, and accurate.

Comparing Attendance Software Packages

With so many features packed into attendance software packages, it's helpful to know which ones are important and and what they do.

Computer Time Clocks Improve Accuracy & Flexibility

Computer time clocks and time sheets help you manage employees more effectively than ever before.

Finding the Best Time Attendance Companies

Today's time and attendance systems provide more features and ROI than time clocks did - but choosing the right provider is as important as choosing the right system.

Find the Best-Priced Amano Time Clock

Amano has developed a reputation for reliable and affordable timekeeping solutions. If your business is looking for new time and attendance equipment, is Amano one of the manufacturers you should be considering?

How to Choose Time Tracking Software

Before choosing time tracking software, consider the specific functions you want it to perform for your business. A Web-based platform has many advantages.

Kronos Time and Attendance System Show You the Big Picture

The Kronos time and attendance system simplifies the complicated task of monitoring employees. Here are a few features that show how this time-keeping system can work for you.

Selecting Online Time Clocks

An online time clock replaces archaic punch card systems by providing a solution that works over the Internet. This system doesn't require any software or set up and allows you to effectively manage employee "time sheets" without dealing with paper documents.

Staying Compliant with Federal Labor Laws

Running a business includes many responsibilities, including managing your employees and keeping up with labor laws. The United States Department of Labor (DOL) has promulgated many regulations that govern workplace time, attendance, and how your employees must be compensated for their services. Fortunately, the DOL provides many resources designed to assist businesses in staying compliant with regulations.

Time & Attendance Systems Industry Lingo

Empower yourself with the language of insiders. We decipher the arcane terms, epigrammatic abbreviations, and weird words used in the time and attendance systems industry.

Time Clocks Can Benefit Small Businesses

When you're a small business with hourly paid employees, time clocks for small businesses can help you effectively manage your payroll and your client billings.

Time Clock Software

The employee time clock was invented over 100 years ago - are you still using a time clock from that era? Here are a few reasons why time clocks are out - and time keeping software is in.

Uses and Benefits of Attendance Tracking Software

Learn how attendance tracking can increase your business' productivity, give you more control over employee work habits, and help you plan future operations.

Use Time and Labor Management to Promote Efficiency and Productivity

Time and labor management is a crucial tool to increase efficiency and productivity. Employee time theft, payroll leakages, and sluggish productivity are occurrences that need to be eliminated for businesses to stay profitable.

Verify Time and Attendance with Your Access Control System

Access control systems monitor employee time and attendance and increase security at the same time. This article discusses how you can keep your business running at maximum efficiency.

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