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Time and Attendance Buying Tips from Other BuyerZone Users

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Sometimes, the best way to learn about the purchases you need to make for your business is from other people going through the same process. Here are tips submitted by other time and attendance buyers.

Got a Mac? Consider web-based options

"Not many companies offer Macintosh compatible software. Look for web-based programs, but make sure they work with your web browser." - Shauna, Manufacturing, Eureka, CA

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In-person visits make all the difference

"The best tip I can give is to go with a company that takes the time to see you in person prior to, during, and after the sale. When the company that became our vendor came to our site, they were able to look at our processes and discuss our needs. They asked questions on subjects that we hadn't thought of. In the end, having a company come to our site prior to us purchasing a system helped us avoid many headaches during the start up phase and ended up saving us time and money.

Having the vendor on site AFTER the sale (during training) allowed the trainer to be sure that my managers truly understood the material being covered. I am glad that we had an on site trainer who could gauge the managers understanding by the look on their face and who could therefore move more quickly on things my people understood right away, and move a little more slowly on things my people were having difficulty with. The only way to get this is face to face." - John Thompkins, Manufacturing, Phoenix, AZ

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Don't rush your decision

"Time is your greatest leverage. If you are in a hurry to make a purchase a supplier is usually less willing to negotiate." - Brian Arnes, Transportation/Logistics, Houston, TX

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What does "own" really mean?

"Ask many questions, if there is a word they use and you do not know what it means, clarify. Sometimes this word becomes costly. In my case: do I get the software? Yes. So then I do not need your web base to run my program? Yes. You have the software through the internet. You have to connect to the internet to use our program. So I actually do not own the software. No. Your monthly fee of $40 per month actually allows you to use the program. That is $480 per year. I owned [one software package] for $495 and it is web based. I do not pay any monthly fee. Get it and own are different." - Joe Quintana, Construction, Tucson, AZ

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Compatibility is key

"Make sure your current programs will be compatible with the new system." - Amy, Retail, Atchison, KS

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Get any discounts that are coming to you

"As a non-profit am continually looking for the best value for my dollar. I have found in dealing with vendors that as a non-profit I am usually afforded their "government" rates. Can't hurt to ask." - Margaret, Non-profit, Maplewood, MN

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Information was provided by BuyerZone.com users. Tips have been edited for clarity only.

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