Time and Attendance Systems

Time and Attendance Systems

Comparing Attendance Software Packages

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Time and Attendance Systems

Thanks to attendance software packages, tracking the hours your employees spend on the job isn't the tedious chore that it once was. With plenty of features and functions, time and attendance programs help you keep labor costs down and increase staff productivity through three key functionalities that include:

  1. Data sharing: Attendance management software shares employee information between other programs such as payroll and security. The HR staff also can export this data to spreadsheets and other office software to create detailed reports.

  2. Attendance database: The software allows you to create a centralized database without manually entering the time and attendance information. Instead of flipping through paper records to correct mistakes, you can quickly scan the database for errors and make the necessary changes.

  3. Compliance: Government regulations regarding employment are updated on a regular basis and it's important to stay compliant with the latest rules. With the help of regular updates provided by the manufacturer, the program will use the latest information about such items as the Federal Minimum Wage and the Family& Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Cost-saving features

Each program operates a little differently. So the platform you select should represent the combination of features that will most accurately align with your business goals and the way you prefer to work with payroll. Here are some of the primary benefits of an attendance software package, along with popular providers who specialize in each:

It's worth noting that, without exception, the final cost will be impacted by the number of employees you manage through the system. In many cases, this will also determine your eligibility for SaaS solutions or client-server installations.

All of these features add up to big time savings and reduced costs. Get your business started with customized time and attendance software price quotes. You'll be connected to multiple providers who can meet your company's needs.

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