Air Compressors

Air Compressors

Atlas Copco Integrates Sustainability into Some of the World’s Most Powerful Air Compressors

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Atlas Copco is an industrial group with nearly 40,000 employees operating in 90 countries. They currently maintain 111 offices in the United States and hold 14 U.S. manufacturing sites, accounting for $2.8 billion (or 20%) of their global revenue.

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Originally founded in 1873, their products and services cover the full spectrum of manufacturing processes throughout the world. Domestically, they're largely focused on industrial applications such as underground mining, exploration, aggregate/quarry, oil and gas, demolition, utilities, and road construction.

For these demanding uses and extreme operating environments, some of the most common Atlas Copco industrial air compressors include:

Atlas Copco Stationary Compressors
Model Type Horsepower Capacity Working Pressure Estimated Costs
ZB 100-160 VSD Low Pressure Compressors 135 - 215 hp - - $9,000 - $20,000
ZB 300-900 Low Pressure Compressors 400 - 1,500 hp 2,060 - 24,720 cfm 2.9 - 13.8 psig $20,000 - $340,000+
ZH 350+ Medium Pressure Compressors 470 hp 1,483 - 16,000 cfm 87 - 130 psig $30,000 - $225,000
ZH+ Medium Pressure Compressors 500 - 3,500 hp 2,050 - 16,000 cfm 30 - 180 psig $180,000 - $250,000+
DX / DN High Pressure Compressors 40 -422 hp 160 - 6,083 cfm 174 - 609 psig $9,500 - $340,000+
ZD High Pressure Compressors 182 - 1,032 hp 466 - 2,420 cfm 363 - 580 psig $25,000 - $200,000+

Specializing in large industrial applications

Contributing to some of the world's most ambitious projects, Atlas Copco's construction air compressors lead a majority of the heavy-duty market in two specific categories:

Recognized for sustainability

Atlas Copco's stated commitment to sustainable productivity leverages the "responsible use of resources - human, natural, and capital." And while many companies include the same goals as part of their operating standards or mission statement, few have received the level of recognition that Atlas Copco has.

Named among the Top 100 Global Sustainable Companies (more than once), Atlas Copco is also an active member of the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index. Their innovation related to sustainable technology and advancements has garnered them a wide range of recognition by Forbes, Thomson- Reuters, Newsweek, and the Patent Board of Global Industrial Equipment Manufacturers.

Expansive support products

Within the United States, Atlas Copco is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of air and gas compressors. In addition to some of the world's largest industrial air compressors, they also provide a full range of complementary products that include:

  • Air and gas treatment
  • Airline accessories
  • Air motors
  • Assembly tools
  • Boosters
  • Concrete equipment
  • Demolition equipment
  • Drilling tools
  • Energy recovery solutions
  • Generators
  • Ground and rock reinforcement tools
  • Grouting equipment
  • Hoists and Trolleys
  • Light towers
  • Milling equipment
  • Mobile crushers and screeners
  • Paving equipment
  • Underground ventilation systems
  • Vacuum pumps

Customer-centric product development and service network

Atlas Copco invested more than $330 million into research and development during 2012, according to information provided through the manufacturer, relying heavily on the specific needs of their customers to incorporate advanced safety and ergonomic controls into their products.

To support these products, they've built a large distributor presence throughout the country, employing more than 300 service technicians who routinely travel from site to site, quickly handling issues related to service and repair. Atlas Copco has also constructed a number of large distribution centers to offer convenience and cost-effectiveness to customers located away from major metropolitan areas. These strategically located sites are said to further contribute to their goals related to environmental sustainability.

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