Air Compressors

Air Compressors

Automotive Air Compressors Provide Durability and Wide-Ranging Performance in Compact Designs

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Within the automotive industry, few enhancements compare to a rotary screw air compressor. They have the unique ability to power an endless range of tools and equipment, shaving hours off of service-related improvements and repairs while boosting the quality of the finished product. As a result, they've become indispensable to most automotive shops, collision repair centers, gas stations, quick lube shops, and tire stores.

Most models used for automotive applications are portable, though some shops opt for a stationary air compressor when they need more power and have a facility capable of accommodating a larger unit. Common configurations include:

Common Automotive Configurations
Type Horsepower Tank Size (Gallons) Capacity (@175 PSI) Phase Portable / Stationary Estimated Cost
Rotary Screw Air Compressors 5 - 25 hp 80 - 120 18 -87 cfm 1 Portable $5,800 - $11,000
Two-Stage Reciprocating Air Compressors 7.5 - 15 hp 80 - 120 24 - 50 cfm 1 - 3 Portable / Stationary $1,900 - $7,600
Moisture-Free Reciprocating Air Compressors 5 - 15 hp 50 - 120 17 - 50 cfm 1 - 3 Portable / Stationary $2,400 - $7,500

Air compressor accessories

The true mark of a quality automotive air compressor is the number of applications it's capable of completing. Shops both large and small maximize their investment by purchasing a single machine that extends service throughout their operation.

Popular air tools, including capacity requirements and cost, include:

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