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Air Compressors

Quincy Compressors Deliver Expansive Horsepower Options

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Since 1920, Quincy has been manufacturing rotary screw air compressors and reciprocating air compressors that have been used in some of the most extreme and sensitive environments on Earth. They've also specialized in smaller units that are common among auto body repair shops and similar repair facilities. This expansive selection, in combination with one of the industry&'s most comprehensive warranties, has given them a reputation for reliability - especially when it comes to custom requirements.

Quincy produces air compressors that range in output from around 1 hp to 350 hp. Within that variety, almost 40% of their sales of rotary screw air compressors are made to order, with custom "one-of-a kind configurations" that are built to address controls, accessories, and air treatment options. In particular, these upgrades commonly include specialized electrical setups and freeze-protection add-ons.

Some of the most popular standard configurations include:

Quincy Air Compressor Models
Model Number Horsepower ACFM / PSIG Sound Level (Decibels) Special Features Portable / Stationary Estimated Costs
Rotary Screw Air COmpressor (with V-Belt)
QGS 5 - 30 hp (belt drive); 40 - 100 hp (gear drive) 16 - 460 acfm; 125 - 150 psig 62 - 69 dBA Integrated dryer (optional) Stationary $5,300 - $9,000
QCD 20 - 50 hp (direct drive) 90 - 226 acfm; 100 - 150 psig 67 dBA Expandable PCL control Stationary $12,300 - $15,000
QGV 20 - 200 hp (direct drive) 14.3 - 998 acfm; 75 - 150 psig 68 dBA Variable speed with low power consumption capability Stationary $16,500 - $24,300
Reciprocating / Piston Air Compressors
QR-25 1 - 25 hp 3 - 95 acfm; 20 - 500 psig intermittent N/A Single and two-stage Portable $4,800 - $8,500
QP 3 - 15 hp 175 PSI working pressure N/A Pressure Lubricated Portable $3,200 - $6,000
QT 5 - 15 hp 17 - 206 acfm; 175 psig maximum N/A Cast iron splash lubricated Portable $4,100 - $6,000

An air compressor manufacturer for any industry

Quincy compressors, vacuum pumps, and air treatment products are used in applications that range from mining and drilling to concrete production and shipbuilding. But they also possess the refined technology and sophistication that enables them to just as easily be incorporated into medical or dental practices as well as automotive service facilities and dry cleaning shops.

For example:

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