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Questions to Ask in the Tractor Purchasing Process

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One of the most essential vehicles on a working farm is the tractor, which performs such heavy-duty functions as plowing and hauling. When looking to purchase or replace this reliable piece of machinery for your farm or business, it's a good idea to talk to multiple dealers who specialize in selling new tractors.

Questions to Ask New Tractor Dealers

In many ways, shopping around for new tractors is similar to buying a new car. When talking with the salesperson, make sure you ask the following questions:

The main advantage of buying your tractor from a dealer is the warranty coverage and access to their maintenance and repair services. Get answers to questions like these to evaluate their service departments:

Dealers and Private Sellers

Although most new farm tractors are functionally the same, some are designed especially for certain crops and situations:

Dealers who sell new farm tractors may either carry a variety of tractors, or specialize in just one variety.

Definitely visit each dealer you're comparing - a personal look at the showrooms and service areas can give you a good sense of their capabilities.

Don't underestimate your personal reactions. Choose a dealer you feel is honest with you and easy to work with: those impressions are often good indicators of how the dealer will treat you in the long run. If the dealer aggressively starts selling you on a tractor without trying to determine your needs, you may want to keep moving. Quality dealers want to put you in the right tractor, knowing that if you're satisfied with your purchase, you'll eventually come back.

New Tractors vs. Refurbished Tractors

Although some dealers sell used and restored equipment, you need to find a tractor that best fits your needs. If you're going to use it frequently on a daily basis, you'll need a new tractor that doesn't have mileage on it. Though they may cost more up front, you'll reap the benefits of the latest engineering breakthroughs and agricultural advances. You'll also take advantage of a full manufacturer's warranty, and easier access to any replacement parts you'd need.

To find new tractors or quality refurbished tractors, submit a free request for tractors quotes today.

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