Tractors - INACTIVE

Tractors - INACTIVE

Real-world Tractor Prices from BuyerZone Buyers

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Whether you need a tractor to help run your business or you're just looking for a powerful machine to take care of your own property, you'll want to know how much you should spend before you start talking to dealers. Here's a sampling of prices other BuyerZone users paid for tractors.

We've broken out new and used prices. It's a good idea to keep an open mind about your preference: while buying a beat-up old tractor isn't usually a good idea, many dealers have relatively low-hour tractors in stock. Choosing one of these can help you save money without sacrificing reliability: even on used machines, dealers should offer you at least a two-year warranty.

Another point to keep in mind is that the attachments and extras you need will have a drastic impact on your final price. Adding a loader or backhoe can add thousands to your purchase price, so make sure you know in advance which attachments are essential, and which you'd be better off renting for occasional use.

New tractor prices

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Used tractor prices

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Information was provided by BuyerZone users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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