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Have you ever fantasized about living in a smart house of the future? With today's home automation and security technologies, it's possible for you to turn your existing home into a smart home. Imagine lying in bed and using a remote control to turn down the lights, turn down the thermostat, program the coffee maker to start brewing at 6am, and schedule the house to lock itself after you leave in the morning for work. By choosing a home automation and security system, you can do all of this, even from your iPhone or other mobile phone.

home automation and security

Home automation systems actually aren't very expensive or difficult to install. Some of the major home security companies like ADT and Protect America offer wireless home automation systems and home automation controls which can integrate with your home security system. Controlling your home security system while you're at work or on vacation can allow you to set the lighting to make it appear that you're home, save on energy costs by turning down the heat while you're away, and make life easier for your whole family. Home automation allows you to control and schedule activity for electronic appliances such as lights, thermostats, stereos, and TVs. Most home automation kits come with a remote control and several small plugs for your appliances so that the devices communicate wirelessly.

How to automate your home and security system

When you shop around for a home security system, mention to the sales rep that you are interested in installing a home automation device. Below are a few home security companies and the home automation kits that they offer.

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