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Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an ATM

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By Eric Michaels

There is no question that adding an automated teller machine to a high-traffic business increases profitability in an operation. However, there are issues every small business owner should address before deciding among the different ATM machines for sale.

From financing and insuring a machine to protecting against skimming, you can get blindsided if you haven't done your homework. Here are the five big concerns to address.

Will your investment bring in the return necessary to make a profit?

Paying cash up-front for an ATM insures that you won't be on the hook for any costs or financing charges down the road. However, it also means that enough customers must use the machine to cover your investment. Have you looked closely at your business' foot traffic and analyzed the local market? Unless you are sure your investment will be profitable, consider holding back.

Do you want to get into lottery tickets and other extras?

ATMs offer services beyond standard cash withdrawals. Many business owners have found that selling lottery tickets gives their machines a better chance of being used. Do you want to attract the clientele who purchase gaming tickets and "scratch to win" cards? For some upscale businesses, this choice won't make sense.

Is it worth it to supply cash on your own?

You'll have to weigh the different points when looking at stocking cash yourself instead of having a service handle that responsibility. Some owners will want no part of the process, but you stand to earn greater profits if you put the cash into the machine and owe providers only on the per-transaction fees. Insurance can cover cash amounts of $5,000 or more if you want protection.

Have you run the numbers comparing leases and placement?

Leasing works like any other rental, whereas placement is slightly different. In this scenario, the only thing you'll provide is the space in your place of business and potentially the cash in the machine. You have no responsibility and can increase revenue without considering any logistics.

Are you able to spot a skimming device?

Skimming devices continue to plague ATMs outside of banks all across the country. Every small business considering adding an ATM should learn how to spot these devices, which can copy a card's information for use when a bystander records a customer's personal identification number. Keeping an eye on the area around an ATM will also clue you in to a scam as it's taking place.

Small businesses rightfully see a potential for profits when looking at ATM machines for sale. Once you are satisfied you've addressed these concerns, there is nothing to hold you back.

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