ATM Machines

ATM Machines

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How Hosting an ATM Makes Money

ATM machines generate residual income at a relatively low risk, and have a high ROI.

Calculating the Cost of an ATM for Your Business

While the upfront cost may seem daunting, buying an ATM for your small business can be a great way to make money in the long run. Here are some of the things to consider before making a purchase.

Introduction to ATM Manufacturers

When purchasing or leasing an ATM for your business, it's important to know who the key brands are. This guide covers the major ATM manufacturers.

Real-world ATM Prices from BuyerZone Buyers

Want to learn how much it costs to put an automated teller machine in your location? Check out actual prices BuyerZone users paid for their ATM machines.

Protecting ATM Machines from Skimming Scams

ATM skimming scams cost consumers millions every year and reflect poorly on your business. Here are tips for protecting your machines.

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ATM Industry Benefits

ATM Industry benefits explained

ATM Leasing Pros and Cons: Is it Better to Rent or Buy?

ATM machine leasing may be a better option for your business. Read more on the pros and cons so you make an informed decision.

ATM Machine Models & Types

There are as many prices for ATMs as there are models. It just all depends on the bells and whistles you want in your establishment. Find out more.

ATM Tips to Help Owners Generate Easy Profits

Owning an ATM can help business owners generate a great profit with minimal efforts. By learning the general best practices, you can be on your way to earning an optimal revenue.

Avoid Common ATM Purchasing Mistakes

Small business owners buying an ATM machine face numerous challenges. These tips will help you avoid common mistakes.

Best ATM Companies

By working with the top ATM vendors in the industry, you can make money from ATM fees and provide a valuable service to your customers.

Choosing an ATM Manufacturer

If you want to locate an ATM in your business, it helps to learn the different types of ATM's available, who the major manufacturers are, and the ease of maintenance for any models you choose.

Diebold ATM Models Represent History of Security and Self-Service

With over 150 years of service as a security provider, Diebold ATMs are some of the most advanced. Learn more about Diebold ATMs.

Genmega Specializes in Self-Service With ATM, Kiosk, and Combination Models

Customization is Genmega's specialty when it comes to offering the ideal ATM or kiosk solution. Learn more about Genmega ATMs.

Hantle ATMs Promote Compatibility Through Diverse Modules

If you're in the market for an ATM, you should know about Hantle. Learn about their offerings and find example ATM pricing.

NCR Caters to Banking Industry through Diverse On-Premise ATMs

Since becoming the first manufacturer of cash registers 130 years ago, NCR has made a name for themselves with POS and ATM machines.

Protect Your Customers (and Cash) From ATM Theft

ATM insurance is a necessity for any small business with a cash machine on the premises. Here is a rundown of ATM insurance options.

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an ATM

Every small business should investigate these five concerns before buying an ATM. Read on to get tips for buying an ATM.

Reasons Outdoor Events Need Mobile ATM Machine

Event ATMs can improve the event for attendees, as well as make more money for event hosts. Read how!

Reasons Why ATM Usage Will Not Decline

Fees are increasing for customers who use ATM machines. However, the higher cost is unlikely to cause a decline in usage because the cards are a convenience to someā€”and a necessity to others.

The Latest in ATM Technology

With all the new ATM services and technology available, manufacturers' top concern is still keeping customers' information safe. Find out how the top manufacturers are accomplishing this.

Top ATM Models to Consider

There are many quality ATMs for business owners to purchase. Here are the five best in class.

Triton ATMs Strive for Lowest Cost of Ownership

For more than 30 years, Triton has been manufacturing ATMs. Learn about their reliable products and finding pricing and feature information.

Updated ATM Features to Benefit Small Businesses

New ATM machine features allow more options and convenience for your customers. Learn what the new trends here.

Would an ATM Kiosk Bring More Revenue to Your Business?

You can give your customers an extra benefit while creating a new revenue stream for your business by installing a wall or kiosk ATM.

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