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Diebold ATM Models Represent History of Security and Self-Service

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Diebold ATM

Founded in 1859, Diebold has established a reputation in more than 150 years as a security provider. Their storied past includes the involvement of Eliot Ness, former top cop and organized crime fighter depicted in "The Untouchables" who served as their Chairman of the Board from 1944 to 1951. And with countless industry awards under their belt, they've been consistently recognized as an ATM manufacturer that delivers reliable financial self-service solutions by organizations that include: the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), and Frost & Sullivan, among others.

These awards routinely encompass the reliability of Diebold's system integration as well as the quality of their monitoring. It's this combination of security and all-inclusive service that has enabled them to continue to develop a selection of ATMs capable of being tailored to an extensive range of commercial applications.

Popular models and notable features include:

Model Height Width Depth Display Special Features Estimated Cost
Opteva 828 62" 32" 45" 15.1" Color Consumer Sunlight-Viewable Display Barcode reader (optional); Coin Dispenser (optional) $2,000 - $6,000
Opteva 923 57" 51" 43" 19" Color Touchscreen Consumer-Viewable Display with Privacy Filter Barcode Reader (optional); Coin Dispenser (optional) $3,900 - $8,000
Opteva 720 65" 31" 34" 15.1" Consumer LCD Display Touchscreen Options on Display $1,900 - $5,600
Opteva 760 63" 31" 41" 15.1" Consumer LCD Display 10.4" Color LCD Rear Diagnostic Monitor; 2 - 5 Media Cassettes $2,000 - $6,300
Opteva 522 70" 25" 39" 15.1" Consumer LCD Display Weatherized housing; 2 - 5 Media Cassettes $2,000 - $5,500
Opteva 562 63" 58" 19" 15.1" Color Consumer LCD Display 80mm Graphical Thermal Receipt Printer (optional); Adjustable Alphanumeric Keyboard and Integrated Pointing Device $2,000 - $7,000


Designed for scalability, Diebold ATM machines offer a range of different self-service options that are also customized for any number of geographic locations. Providing one of the most recognized levels of service within the industry, Diebold ATM service packages make the terminals easy to configure, upgrade, and maintain. Each is designed with customer service in mind, intended to simulate as closely as possible the branch experience by providing 24/7 self-service and advanced-technology modules that minimize management and service needs.

Optimizing security and efficiency through special features, Diebold products include:

Increased security through proprietary software platforms

With the ease-of-use most consumers expect from ATMs and similar self-service machines, simplified yet functional software is often the cornerstone for many ATM machine companies. With this in mind, Diebold has engineered their platforms to incorporate a wide degree of flexibility and personalization while operating within the Windows 7 environment. Compatibility with such a widely-familiar operating system reduces training requirements, enhances the security of remote access, and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Diebold's unique software solutions include:

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