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ATM Machines

Genmega Specializes in Self-Service With ATM, Kiosk, and Combination Models

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Genmega ATM

Genmega is a relative newcomer to the marketplace, established in 2006. But in less than a decade, they have also become one of the more prominent ATM machine companies in the world, currently boasting more than 50,000 machines deployed globally.

Unifying the latest technology with a high degree of design, Genmega combines engineering and appearance to produce ATMs that attract customer attention while remaining easy to manage and service - whether installed in a local branch, hotel, or convenience store.

Further maximizing their ROI, Genmega ATM and Kiosk models offer a range of flexibility that promotes individual customization geared toward specific business goals. They reportedly solicit customer input during the conceptual and development stages of their products to ensure each new model embodies the proper mix of software conveniences and equipment needs.

This process has produced a range of individual ATMs, kiosks, and opportune combinations that include:

Model Dimensions (H/W/D) Screen Printer Cash Dispenser Topper Sign Estimated Cost
G1900 56"x16"x22" 8" Diagonal 32-bit Color 56mm Thermal 800 - 3,400 Note Capacity Optional; Accepts Custom Inserts $1,700 - $2,400
G2500P 56"x16"x23" 8" Diagonal 32-bit Color 56mm Thermal (2" Standard) 80mm Thermal (3" Optional) 800 - 3,400 Note Capacity Optional $1,900 - 3,200
GT5000 56"x24"x34" 15" TFT-LCD Panel 80mm / 3" Receipt Capacity 1,700 - 5,100 Note Capacity High Visibility LED Sign $6,200 - $7,000

(intended mainly to accept payments)

56"x17"x21" 15" Touch Screen LCD Panel; 1024 x 768 XVGA Resolution 80mm Thermal; Automatic Paper Loading and Cutting N/A 15" x 19.5" $4,000 - $5,000
Universal (intended mainly to accept payments) 65"x18"x23" 21.5" Touch Screen LCD Panel; 1920 x 1080 XVGA Resolution 80mm Thermal; Automatic Paper Loading and Cutting N/A N/A $4,800 - $6,000
G6000 56"x18"x24" High-Res 15" Touch Screen LCD Panel 80mm Thermal 1,700 - 6,800 Note Capacity Optional High-Brightness Topper Si $7,800 - $9,000

Genmega ATM models

Genmega is an ATM manufacturer that continuously builds upon the reputation of previous models. Harnessing customer input, as mentioned above, their full ATM line currently includes:

Typically geared toward a specific location type - from retail to off-premise sites - each varies in size, technology, and appearance. Yet despite these variances, all are known to incorporate high-performance cash dispensers that feature a combination of fixed and removable cassettes, holding 800 to 6,800 notes. They also expand the potential for branding and cross-selling products or services through a 3" 80mm receipt printer (only offered as an upgrade) that can dispense custom branding or coupons. Additional branding and marketing possibilities are available through LED toppers shown to increase visual impact among everyone within sight of the machine, whether they use it or not.

Genmega kiosks

Similar to their ATM models, Genmega provides a number of kiosks that simplify customer service around the clock while distributing a range of receipts, tickets, and even cards in high-traffic locations like bus depots, airports, and clubs. These non-cash dispensing transactional machines have also been designed to provide a host of self-service payment solutions from bill-acceptors to magnetic card readers. Current models in the kiosk line include:

Genmega kiosks operate on the Windows XP platform, providing a wide range of flexibility within a program that's widely familiar among users. In addition, all kiosks (and ATMs) include a series of accessible features, including voice guidance, illuminated action indicators, and accessible keypad layouts that ensure ease-of-use among the widest range of customers.

ATM/Kiosk combinations

Combining the best features of both types, Genmega currently produces the G6000 series. In many ways, these machines could be considered the top of the Genmega line, incorporating the highest resolution LCD screen, the greatest capacity for note storage (6,800 bills), and a sidecar chassis that can be programmed to act as a bill acceptor, check scanner, and even a digital security camera.

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