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ATM Machines

Would an ATM Kiosk Bring More Revenue to Your Business?

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A wall or kiosk ATM can provide a new revenue stream for your business while increasing customer satisfaction, but there are a few things to consider before installing one. Both styles of automated teller machines carry benefits and drawbacks for your business, and your customers.

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Be sure to read the pros and cons of both so you make the best decision for your business:

Pros of kiosk models

Cons of kiosk models

Pros of wall ATMs

Cons of wall models

Adding an ATM kiosk to your business is a great amenity for your customers who seek quick access to their bank accounts. While convenient for customers almost anywhere, kiosks are especially handy for businesses with drive-up windows, like pharmacies and fast-food restaurants.

A wall ATM, attached to your business, offers your customers the option to pay with cash. The more foot traffic you have at your location, the more sense it makes to install a wall ATM.

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