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Triton ATMs Strive for Lowest Cost of Ownership

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Triton ATM

With a history that dates back more than three decades, Triton has established itself as one of the primary ATM manufacturers in the world by focusing on a singular mission: delivering machines that feature the lowest possible cost of ownership. They achieve this goal by designing and building each individual ATM in the United States, ensuring quality control while simultaneously minimizing their ecological footprint as much as possible.

Offering three types of retail ATMs, Triton products feature a modular design for simplified upgrades and minimal downtime. They're also backed by a level of engineering that reportedly reduces the service calls on most models to one call per year (on average) - with many of these technical issues handled over the phone, according to the manufacturer.

Triton ATM models currently include:

Model Dimensions
Camera Cassettes Receipt Printer Touchscreen Screen Size Estimated Cost
ARGO 7 - Shallow Cabinet 57" x 18" x 20" Optional 1 60mm (standard); 80mm (optional) Yes 7" $1,700 - $2,800
ARGO 7 - Deep Cabinet 57" x 18" x 26" Optional 1 - 4 60mm (standard); 80mm (optional) Yes 7" $1,800 - $3,200
ARGO 12 57" x 18" x 26" Optional 1 - 4 60mm (standard); 80mm (optional) No 12" $1,800 - $3,500
Traverse 56" x 15" x 20" No 1 - 2 58mm No 8" $2,000 - $4,500
FT5000 63" x 17" x 39" No 2 - 4 80mm No 10.4" $7,200 - $9,800

Triton ARGO

The newest machines in the Triton family, the ARGO line provides a number of customizable options to suit your space restrictions and foot traffic. They include enhanced security like the addition of optional security cameras as well as larger screens with touchscreen capabilities that promote ease-of-use. ARGO machines are also one of the first in the industry to go paperless, with eco-friendly models that omit the receipt printer, dramatically cutting down on resource consumption and further reducing the overall cost of the machine itself.

Triton Traverse

Created uniquely for retail locations, the Traverse line includes a silhouette to protect a user's P.I.N., ensuring safety and security even in high-traffic areas. It also offers the choice between single or dual cassette, holding up to 1,000 or 1,700 notes depending on the type selected. Further broadening the machine's usefulness and profitability, Triton has engineered the Traverse to be quick pick lottery ready, dispensing tickets in areas where approved by local state lotteries.

Triton FT5000

Triton's 'through-the-wall' model, the FT5000 is designed for drive-up or walk-up use and has been developed specifically for financial institutions, whether installed within a branch or outside the satellite locations often found within grocery stores and strip malls. The FT5000 enables you to choose either two or four cassettes to meet volume demands and also provides a range of advertising options through decals and signage, coupons, graphics, and transaction screens - enhancing the potential and reach of added-value products and services.

Dispenser options

The cash dispenser is the core of any profitable ATM, often responsible for maximizing the self-service capability of the machine. Typically customized for specific industries or sectors, ATM providers have developed a range of dispensers that accommodate multiple denominations as well as tickets, stamps, phone cards, and vouchers. Triton ATMs accommodate one of the most diverse dispenser selections in the industry, with models that include:

Software platform and protocol

The Triton ATM operating system is Windows-based. This ensures ease-of-use, the simplicity of software upgrades, and a platform that's highly supportive of advertising and branding initiatives. All models are linked to a central system by the TDL protocol, a process that ensures faster communication and user-defined customizations.

Legacy products

Triton's Legacy initiative is another way of saying, 'we support older models'. Manufacturing Triton ATMs for more than 30 years, they have products placed throughout the world - machines that are responsible for millions of transactions each year. Their Legacy product is a guarantee that they'll continue to support these models through a comprehensive repair program, providing factory repair on all Triton ATM components.

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