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There are so many choices in ATM's on the market that it may be difficult to make an educated decision. Today, banks have fleets of ATMs that can be housed in a glass, enclosed, free-standing building or be placed inside a high-traffic convenience store. These are commonly called off premise ATMs.

Off premise ATMs can either be branded or unbranded. Those that are supplied by a bank and carry their names are branded ATMs. Off premise ATMs that do not carry a financial institution's logo or name are unbranded ATMs.

ATMs that are physically connected to banking centers are called on premise ATMs. On premise ATMs are typically more advanced, multi-function machines that complement an actual bank branch's capabilities and thus are a more expensive hardware purchase.

ATM Machine Types

On premise ATM machines

On premise ATM machines are typically located at financial institutions. Bank customers enjoy more choice, availability and convenience, while financial institutions can increase their revenue from transactions, reduce operational costs and maximize their staff resources.

On premise ATMs can perform the following functions:

For the banks, the above functions free up more teller time and in some instances, saves on employee costs because of fewer tellers. Banks receive fees for certain ATM services, especially from non-bank customers, which increases their profits. Also, many large banks will offer free or low-cost checking accounts that are tied to banking via ATM only.

One of the largest suppliers of branded, on premise ATMs is Diebold. They manufacture the shorter versions that are installed within the outside wall of the bank and they are also used in the drive-up ATMs.

ATM Machine Types

Off premise ATM machines

All on premise ATM machines will be a source of revenue for retailers, office complexes, convenience stores, restaurants and bars in which they are placed. In terms of a branded ATM, the financial institution may enter into an agreement with a chain convenience store where they 'lease' the space and provide all upkeep, maintenance, and cash stocking. The convenience store reaps rewards by customers having the convenience of cash to pay for goods and services.

Establishments with on premise unbranded ATMs reap all the rewards; management sets the fee based on what the market will bear, and 100% of the fees go to the establishment. Unbranded ATMs can be purchased or leased but the establishment is responsible for upkeep as well as keeping cash stocked.

Off premise ATM machines are the ones you typically see in shopping areas, including:

  • Amusement parks
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Multi-storied office buildings
  • Casinos
  • Cruise ships
  • Airports
  • Bus terminals
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Convenience stores

There are a number of options for each off premise scenario. Below, we cover the most basic needs.

Convenience stores

An owner of a Mom and Pop convenience store or a franchised branded convenience store may want to consider a floor model like the NHY-1800 series from Nautilus Hyosung (NH). This particular ATM is equipped with a wide variety of cash dispensing units. It not only can fill up to 6,000 notes, but also offers a wide price range for customers.

In addition, the display and the safe specification can be customized as an option.

This ATM for convenience stores has a small foot print and ergonomic design allows NH-1800 to be installed virtually anywhere. It features function keys with 7" wide display and the voice guidance system complies with ADA regulations. NH-1800 is a great ATM solution for the off-premise industry.


Owners of bars and lounges need ATMs with special security features. One such ATM for bar owners is the Triton ARGO. ARGO features an updated, next- generation design with added elements of security, larger screens, and easier-to-read keypads or touchscreen options.

Models are now available in an eco-friendly, printer-less model, reducing each machine's carbon footprint and resulting in cost savings over the life of the machine. New updated design features the following:

This ATM also features skimming protection, shoulder surfing protection and surveillance camera provision.

Other Triton models to consider:

Model Dimensions
Camera Cassettes Receipt Printer Touchscreen Screen Size Estimated Cost
ARGO 7 - Shallow Cabinet 57" x 18" x 20" Optional 1 60mm (standard); 80mm (optional) Yes 7" $1,700 - $2,800
ARGO 7 - Deep Cabinet 57" x 18" x 26" Optional 1 - 4 60mm (standard); 80mm (optional) Yes 7" $1,800 - $3,200
ARGO 12 57" x 18" x 26" Optional 1 - 4 60mm (standard); 80mm (optional) No 12" $1,800 - $3,500
Traverse 56" x 15" x 20" No 1 - 2 58mm No 8" $2,000 - $4,500
FT5000 63" x 17" x 39" No 2 - 4 80mm No 10.4" $7,200 - $9,800


Restaurant ATMs are very convenient for patrons who choose to pay with cash rather than a credit card. One great ATM for restaurant-use is the Genmega G2500 series ATM.

The G2500 comes standard with an 8" high-resolution wide-screen LCD, which can be upgraded to a 10.2"touch screen. The receipt printer can also be upgraded to a 3" graphics-capable for custom branding or coupons. The integrated topper can be paired with a selection of energy-efficient LED toppers to add visual impact and attract customers.

In addition to the fixed, removable and multi cash cassette dispenser options, the G2500 can also support cash dispensers from other equipment suppliers, providing more flexibility and upgrade options for existing deployments.

Other Genmega models to consider:

Model Dimensions (H/W/D) Screen Printer Cash Dispenser Topper Sign Estimated Cost
G1900 56"x16"x22" 8" Diagonal 32-bit Color 56mm Thermal 800 - 3,400 Note Capacity Optional; Accepts Custom Inserts $1,700 - $2,400
G2500P 56"x16"x23" 8" Diagonal 32-bit Color 56mm Thermal (2" Standard) 80mm Thermal (3" Optional) 800 - 3,400 Note Capacity Optional $1,900 - 3,200
GT5000 56"x24"x34" 15" TFT-LCD Panel 80mm / 3" Receipt Capacity 1,700 - 5,100 Note Capacity High Visibility LED Sign $6,200 - $7,000
G6000 56"x18"x24" High-Res 15" Touch Screen LCD Panel 80mm Thermal 1,700 - 6,800 Note Capacity Optional High-Brightness Topper Si $7,800 - $9,000

There are as many prices for ATMs as there are models. It just all depends on the bells and whistles you want in your establishment. Let BuyerZone help you receive a customized quote for your ATM needs.

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