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Benefits of Handheld POS Systems

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You may have already determined that a point of sale (POS) system is right for your business. You probably already have a POS system in place but are looking to update your system's technology. Have you considered the benefits of installing a handheld POS system or mobile components?

What you probably have not considered is if your business would benefit more from having a stationary (traditional) POS system or a handheld POS system. For some businesses, the answer may be to have a traditional POS system with handheld components.

Adding handheld components

Point of sale system

For some businesses, adding on handheld components to update their stationary POS system is the best option. Supermarkets, home improvement stores, and any retailers that sell large items know how awkward it can be to try to scan a large box on a flatbed scanner. Installing a handheld scanner can make reading the bar codes off such merchandise easier for the cashier.

It also helps speed up checkout time to keep lines moving at a steady pace. Handheld scanners are more affordable than they used be because they have become a standard part of many POS systems. Prices range from $60 (for wire-connected scanners) to upwards of $250 (for wireless models).

Going completely mobile

Handheld scanners are not the only components of a handheld POS system. With the popularity of the iPad and other tablet devices, your computer no longer needs to be stationary. Wireless technology is so convenient, and works well for certain retailers such as clothing stores and electronics stores. Even restaurants and hotels benefit from using tablets to facilitate taking orders and checking out guests. Besides the wireless scanner and tablet, mobile card readers make processing credit cards more convenient.

Newer devices can be computer, scanner, and card reader all in one. Many smartphones are now being used as handheld POS systems. Different apps allow these devices to read bar codes, ring up totals, and swipe credit cards for processing transactions. This new wave of mobile POS is ideal for smaller businesses.

Whether you are adding on handheld components or going completely mobile, it is important that any system you purchase have components that work together. Everything from the scanner to the software to the receipt printer and cash drawer should operate seamlessly. If you are buying a total solution, make sure it can handle tasks for your specific business. One way to ensure you are getting a handheld POS system that is the right fit is to ask the vendor to let you try it out for yourself. Because POS solutions can be expensive, you want to make sure it does everything that you need it to.

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