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Restaurant Manager™ TableService is fast, easy and flexible. Countless features designed specifically for the table service environment make communications and order management much more efficient. Beyond improved service and reduced labor costs at the point-of-sale, TableService gives you Restaurant Manager's powerful back office tracking and analysis so you can make fast, informed management decisions. Choose the traditional touch screen or give your servers the Write-On Handheld™ for the ultimate in improved service and efficiency.

Intuitive Touch Screens

Restaurant Manager TableService offers a vast selection of features that help shape the way you serve. Restaurant Manager's intuitive touch screens put the user in control with the touch of a button, making operating and customizing the system a snap, allowing you to decrease training time and increase employee productivity. From the table layout screen that shows the current status of every table in the house to onscreen lists of daily specials, the TableService module puts your business at your fingertips. and makes it easy, too. Whether you're printing individual, combined or split checks, modifying orders or transferring tables, training time (and costs!) for your servers and bartenders will be cut in half.

Powerful Management Functionality

Managing a restaurant has never been easier — because Restaurant Manager puts you in control. Whether you have weekly promotions or daily menu changes, Restaurant Manager's built-in Event Scheduler lets you program events that are automatically activated at a specified time. Special messages can be entered to appear on screen, keeping your employees informed and in the know.

Restaurant Manager's comprehensive reporting package allows you to keep track of real-time sales results and other data. Restaurant Manager makes front-of-the-house operations a breeze without sacrificing security and control. With extensive front-of-the-house reporting features like real-time sales statistics, product mix reports, employee check-in stats and server sales, you're able to spend more time with your customers and still keep up with the latest profit margins and performance measures.

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