Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance Management Software


eMaint is 100% web-architected, with a platform independent, flexible GUI (Graphical User Interface) designed to be accessed via any standard Internet browser. The standard browser interface also provides portability over various hardware platforms, including PDAs and mobile PCs, while the GUI can also be 'personalized' to adapt to specific application requirements.

eMaint CMMS boasts the latest technology, yet leverages the 30+ years of real world customer input and application experience derived during the evolution of eMaint's CMMS solution that is the backbone of hundreds of EAM/CMMS programs in dozens of industries.

eMaint is designed to be as easy as you want it to be, yet as robust as you need it to be. It is an easy work order management tool as well as a full-featured asset management system that can be used to schedule and plan maintenance, track assets, manage work orders and work requests, control parts inventory, prevent equipment failure and reduce equipment downtime.

The eMaint CMMS solution is also fully configurable, allowing it to easily leverage and interface with your business systems and processes. During setup and implementation, you have the ability to personalize the screens, fields, lists, reports and next action step options to meet the specific operational goals of the application at hand, whether an individual site or a global enterprise.

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