Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems

Advice on Buying a PABX System Over VoIP

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For business telephones, VoIP or PABX systems can help if your business is steadily growing. That growth means more customers and more calls, and requires an expanded infrastructure of phone systems. Although upgrades do come with a cost, they can be very affordable and well worth the investment. PABX and VoIP systems can make your business more efficient, which in turn results in happier customers. But which one is the better choice?

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Are PABX systems better than VoIP?

A voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) system streamlines a variety of business applications and leads to more advanced options for Web and video conferencing, which can really enhance the way you do business. This system can help reduce expenses dramatically because the phone calls travel over the data network instead of telephone lines. This mechanism also eliminates long-distance charges, only requires one network for voice and data, and eliminates travel costs due to web conferencing.

There are several types of private automatic branch exchange (PABX) systems, which are a little more "sophisticated" than VoIP systems and have benefits beyond simply connecting users from multiple locations. PABX works by managing internal phone calls, and automatically routing them to specific extensions. Multiple lines can be used and shared, and a computer server takes care of all the call switching and routing. If you do accurate research during the purchasing process, your business can always have multiple phone lines available for anyone who needs to make or receive a call.

Ways PABX systems benefit your business

Choosing to purchase a PABX phone system over a VoIP System for your business depends on being able to give your company the most options in a single system. Businesses are turning towards virtual options these days, and being able to Web conference and make long-distance phone calls is a great in-house benefit. But a long-term solution lies in choosing a system that's going to help your bottom line. Keeping your customers happy is key. Visit BuyerZone's easy phone system price quote service for help.

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