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9 Phone Systems Buying Tips from Fellow Users

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Sometimes, the best way to learn about the purchases you need to make for your business is from other people going through the same process. Here are tips submitted by other uses who recently purchased a phone system.

  1. It takes more than email
    "Avoid dealing with people with one source of communication -- email. Make sure you speak with them and get a feel of their business structure and ethics before purchasing."
    - James Thomas, Legal, Orlando, FL

  2. phone system
  3. Use your network
    "Read through all of BuyerZone's tips - they were really helpful... and ASK friends or other companies like yours for recommendations. This information will be more valuable than anything you can be told from a company trying to sell you a product you don't need."
    - Jennifer Bendik, Non-profit, Los Angeles, CA

  4. Don't be wowed by flashy features
    "Know the product information before you begin talking to vendors. Be candid with each of them and ask WHY that feature would be helpful. So many features are exciting, but unrealistic for the general end user."
    - Jessica Latteier, Insurance, Layton, UT

  5. Talk to multiple suppliers
    "It may seem time consuming, but get at least 3 quotes on your phone system. I was not knowledgeable until I was able to have a telephone conversation with the salesperson. It helps you get what you want and at the right price."
    - Tony, Real Estate, Tampa, FL

  6. Demand a demonstration
    "When presenting your office needs, don't let the vendors 'technical terminology' overwhelm you. Ask that they tell you in layman's terms so you can best understand the product and have them demonstrate its uses. Don't settle for emailed brochures, or vendors who tell you to go to their website while they discuss the product's features on the phone. That is too impersonal and not customer service oriented. They should always be willing to come, see and demo for you. You're the customer!"
    - Zina Lucas, Consulting, Charlotte, NC

  7. Use your gut, not just price
    "When purchasing any product, be confident in your own 'gut feelings'. If you feel that something is not right about their product, salesman, or business you may want to look elsewhere. Lastly, price is not everything, NEVER use price to determine the final sale -- you need to have confidence in what you're buying and who you're buying from."
    - Eric Sakariasen, Other Services, San Diego, CA

  8. Ask, then ask again
    "When buying anything, take time to research yourself and ask plenty of questions. And ask those questions at least 3 times 2 different ways. Never sign a contract without a lawyer or legal overview!"
    - Kevin Carmichael, Consulting, Columbia, MD

  9. Take advantage of show-and-tell
    "When shopping around for phone systems, it is a good idea to take advantage of the phone companies demos. The demo is freeand it's great education!"
    - Maria Duong, Financial Services, Austin, TX

  10. Don't make any assumptions
    "Pretend that you know nothing of the product you are looking for. Ask every question you think of. Get all the facts about the proposal you receive. All items are not always listed on the proposal."
    - Power Concrete Company, Construction/General Contracting, Newark, NJ

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Information was provided by users. Tips have been edited for clarity only.

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