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Business Phone Systems

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NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. offers communications platforms for both current and future needs of your business. They are continually evolving and incorporating new technologies to maximize productivity and foster growth. Recognizing that the phone is center of business communication today, NEC offers a wide range of not only phones, but also applications that will improve productivity through customizable options and features.

Desktop Phones and Applications: With the UNIVERGE family of phones, NEC's line of desktop phones executes traditional phone functions while embracing technology. Added customizable features include voice and data communication, ergonomic styling, smartphone docking, and Bluetooth connectivity.

In-building Wireless-Wireless LAN: This allows the use of mobile handsets as employees move from one work area to another and improves productivity and responsiveness.

In-building Wireless-Digital DECT: Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) offers superior quality connection and sophisticated, industrial grade handsets with messaging capabilities. Also includes central directory, loudspeaker and a personal safety alarm with SOS key.

Softphone: Pick a Softphone handset that plugs into any USB port on a desktop or laptop to use. Or, pick a Softphone unit to get a versatile communication tool with high quality audio, video, text and voice features. Another model also lets employees use shared documents, record calls and share applications.

Doorphones: Doorphones offer a safe and secure access method for your facility. For use in either residential or commercial property, Doorphones have both audio and visual monitoring capability.

Attendant Consoles: All the great features NEC has to offer a business are for naught if they do not provide a good first impression by your customer. The attendant consoles ensure calls are not misdirected, dropped or on hold too long.

Voice Conferencing and Recording: These solutions allow communications in remote areas, improving efficiency internally and productivity externally.

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