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Business Phone Systems

Never Miss a Call Again with Call Forwarding

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Phone System Call Forwarding

In today's business environment, responsiveness counts. And whether you own a small business or a large multinational, the amount of time it takes for you to return a call could provide the time it takes for your customer to start calling your competitors. But with call forwarding, you can pick up calls from any location - even on the road.

When it comes to modern business tools, call forwarding has quickly become one of the quintessential services for those who depend on customer service for the success of their business. Most major telecom providers - including Cisco, Verizon, Avaya and AT&T - offer call forwarding as part of their respective business telecommunication plan, and often at a rate that's based on your call volume and extremely affordable.

Call forwarding in the cloud

Call forwarding as an extra feature in a phone package has come a long way. Cloud-based business phone systems offer almost effortless communication with virtual call forwarding that differs from traditional PBX call forwarding. A cloud-based call forwarding service will allow you to be constantly available to clients and colleagues; a business phone system can route incoming calls to home, mobile, and/or office numbers.

Each call routing feature can be set with time-based parameters. For example, you can choose to automatically route your calls to your mobile phone in your morning commute. You can then route calls to your home phone after-hours for emergencies and important client queries.

This type of fluid call forwarding is easy to manage through an online business phone system portal. Flexible call routing features will allow you to control forwarding times and dates, send calls to voicemail when unavailable, and even set up a temporary number for times when you travel out of range or internationally.

The standout feature of cloud-based call forwarding is this: detailed and complex call management. While a number of business phone systems will allow you to set call forwarding parameters, call forwarding "in the cloud" will take call management to the next level. Call forwarding settings can program the amount of times a phone will ring before it is forwarded to another device and even schedule the forwarding order to ring other lines sequentially or simultaneously.

The freedom of call forwarding

Call forwarding provides a number of benefits to modern businesses that include:

Today, business call forwarding may be known by another name: Find Me/Follow Me calling. This call forwarding technology still allows you to route incoming phone calls to different phone lines. As a result, you can receive incoming calls to a business phone on any external line you choose; you can also determine the ringing sequence, as outlined in cloud-based call forwarding above.

Before you make a final decision in a business phone, consider intelligent call routing versus standard call forwarding. Find Me/Follow Me call forwarding will allow you to receive business calls virtually anywhere. You can give clients and colleagues one office number that connects to your mobile, home, and voicemail lines. Conducting "business without borders" in this manner makes the most financial sense and helps you to maximize your call forwarding features.

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