Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems

Best Phone System Features for Midsize Companies

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A phone system for midsize companies is a standard piece of equipment. What kinds of features should be on your "must have" list? While there are some features that you can expect to find on a standard issue phone for business use, others would put the phone system on the short list for more serious consideration.

Midsize Phone System

Standard features in a business phone system

The way companies do business has evolved over the years and technology has changed right along with them. The list of features available in a phone system for medium-sized businesses has evolved to include ones that would have been available only to larger corporations in previous systems. The cost of acquiring this updated technology has also decreased over time, which is an advantage to organizations with more than 10 employees but under 100. A system for a business of this size should typically include the following features:

Premium features in a phone system for midsize companies

While a little more than add-ons, premium features often pay for themselves in the ability to add to an existing phone system in such a way that your company's communications with the outside world can be robust. These services and/or options should be thought of as the next generation of telephonic communication available today.

Here are a few "advanced features" that might enhance your phone system:

It's important to ask potential sellers what type of support you can expect you make a purchase; whether the company provides in-house or if the customer service representatives work in a call center located off-site.

Ideally, the company will offer support to its customers on a 24/7 basis, but potential buyers should not assume they will have access to this level of service. They should specifically ask about hours when customer support is available and how long they will have to wait for a reply if they need help during "off" hours. All of these details can help a business owner select the right phone system for midsize companies that will have the best combination of features at the right price.

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