Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems

Use Telephone Systems Lingo to Help You Make a Purchase

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By Christy Birmingham

Phone System Lingo

When you're shopping for a product with highly technical features, knowing the language can help you get the best deal. That is definitely true of telephone systems lingo: Whether you want a completely new system, need an upgrade, or simply want to understand the system better, knowing the vocabulary keeps you informed.

System types

There are four basic telephone systems, most of which are known by their initials. For small businesses, for example, a key system unit (KSU) often works well, while the KSU-less system provides wireless flexibility for organizations of 10 employees or fewer. Medium-size businesses often use private branch exchange (PBX) systems because of the advanced features available. Convenience is great with a voice over Internet Protocol system (VoIP) for businesses of any size, because it carries digital information across the Internet.

Speak up, accessories

You'll hear a lot of technical verbiage as you shop for a new system or upgrade, but chances are you've used all these features already. In plain English, popular phone system accessories include:

As you begin speaking with suppliers about buying a system for your business, listen for the telephone systems lingo. Understanding the terms will help you identify which types of phones your company needs.

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