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Time and Attendance Systems

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In 1999, NOVAtime Technology, Inc. was founded with the mission to continually research and develop the capabilities of Workforce Management solutions. Driven by forward-thinking people and the latest advances in technology, NOVAtime has gained recognition as a technical leader of the industry and is now one of the largest Time and Attendance providers in the United States. Our solutions automate and simplify time and resource management through the use of innovative technology that controls labor costs and promotes the growth of business.

Among many other accomplishments, NOVAtime was the first in the industry to offer push technology time clocks, demonstrating our capacity to lead the way in technological advancements. We also offer progressive software and hardware solutions that are fully integrated, flexible, reliable, and scalable, with the capacity to fulfill the needs of all industries—our solutions can be seamlessly integrated with virtually any third-party application (e.g. payroll, HR, and ERP systems), making it adaptable to customers’ existing processes.

Here at NOVAtime, we serve customers worldwide, ranging from small businesses with as few as 10 employees at a single site, to enterprise companies with as many as 100,000 employees across multiple locations. We strive to provide the most well-rounded solutions that will allow any organization to run efficiently across all departments and locations. As a result, no matter what industry your business functions in, NOVAtime has a Time & Attendance / Workforce Management solution for you!

A Proud Humanitarian Company

In addition to contributing to business efficiency, NOVAtime contributes to community recovery and development by donating to disaster relief funds and local schools. As a notion of gratitude, we continue to offer aid to the community that has enabled NOVAtime to grow to what it is today.

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