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The Best Copier Manufacturers for Small Businesses

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When it comes to buying or leasing copiers, most small businesses share the same concerns. They all want a machine that's inexpensive and durable. Some offices need a copier for internal tasks like making copies for contracts and files, while others need their copier to produce prints, presentations, and marketing materials that can stack up to the output of their competitors. Above all, small businesses expect a high level of customer support from the companies they work with.

With these three things in mind, which copier manufacturers should a small business consider? What are other small businesses recommending - and avoiding? We visited multiple small business discussion forums on LinkedIn, CNET, and Metafilter to take notes on what small businesses are recommending to each other. Here's what we found.

What copier manufacturers are small businesses recommending?

HP: best all-around copier manufacturer

In all the forums, the name HP turned up most frequently. Multiple business owners recommended HP copiers for affordability and durability. One person went as far as to call the company "the best" of all the copier manufacturers. Another vouched that they've owned their HP copier for five years with only one hard drive replacement.

Canon and Konica Minolta: most reliable customer service

Other than HP, a range of other copier manufacturers were frequently recommended. Canon was the second most frequently acclaimed copier company, with six different business owners recommending Canon copiers in one forum. Efficient customer service and support were the two most prominent qualities of this copier company.

Great customer service and technical support are imperative to small businesses that are considering a copier lease or copier service agreement. And when it inevitably comes time to replace a part, Canon parts are easy to come by since the brand has such a huge presence in North America. Konica Minolta was also recommended by three different people in the same forum for its superb customer service.

Epson: lowest cost ink cartridges

If the cost of ink isn't a concern for your business, it should be. The cost of ink is a huge part of the total cost to maintain a copy machine, and it's important to choose a machine that's thrifty with ink and doesn't have a huge price tag on its replacement cartridges. One business owner on a CNET forum said that his company has used Epson copiers for the past three years because the machines are "easy on ink."

Dell and Lexmark: inexpensive and great support

Other recommended copier manufacturers were Dell for its inexpensive copiers and great support, and Lexmark for "amazing" support, high quality, and reliability. If you want to see all the options, we've put together a guide to finding the best copier companies which includes a list of the top brands in the industry.

Brands to avoid

There were mixed reviews about Xerox. Though the company was recommended by five people in the same forum that gave flying colors to Canon copiers, a business owner on a Metafilter forum said he experienced "nightmares" while dealing with Xerox. Other forums describe several functional issues with Xerox copiers.

Whether you've narrowed down your list of copier manufacturers or you're still on the fence, make sure to compare copier price quotes between companies before you buy or lease. Compare manufacturers, prices, and copier lease rates for your small business.

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