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The General Store - A Brief History

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The General Store started in 1983 as a concept that all retailers could benefit from computerizing their stores. In 1985, The General Store, a complete retail management system, was introduced to the market, and Crichlow Data Sciences was born. Our first product, DOS based, took the small retail market by storm. Since that time, our DOS package migrated through seven major revisions. In 1998 we began work on our Windows product, a complete point of sale and retail management system based on the Windows operating system. For the first time, through the resources of Windows, we could include all the bells and whistles our users had asked for over the years, from on-screen print previews for reports to perpetual history for customers, inventory and vendors.

The General Store for Windows is the affordable solution for your retail business. With over 20 years of experience in retail point of sale and the input from thousands of users, we designed the system from the ground up to be both powerful and easy to use. You won't find a more complete POS software package for under $1000.00! No matter what size retail store you have, there's a General Store version to suit your needs.

Even now, as you read this, our developers are hard at work enhancing our product to provide you, the retailer, with a retail management system that rivals major retail chains in its power and flexibility.

No matter what your retail specialty, The General Store has a success story that proves we get the job done.

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