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The General Store - Overview

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In today's retail environment you need all the competitive edge you can get. The General Store is POS software that can help you get that edge with the management tools you need to build your business. No matter what your retail specialty, from clothing to gifts, hardware to books, grocery to liquor, our POS software has a proven track record. Technology can give you the tools and time to be more creative and more efficient. Let us show you how!

The General Store for Windows, version 3.0, is a complete, dependable and affordable point of sale solution that includes point of sale, inventory tracking, customer tracking, and vendor tracking.

The General Store "Plus" for Windows includes the added benefits of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and a fully integrated financial accounting system.

Let's face it; we are all in business to make money. Increasing profit is the key! The tools and features in The General Store are designed to help you do just that.

Reduce Theft, Increase Profit!

Statistically, employee theft accounts for a major part of overall theft in the retail industry. The security features in the General Store can greatly help you reduce this costly expense, and thereby increase your bottom line. The General Store allows you to set employee permission levels throughout the system and monitor their activity. Set manager only passwords at point of sale to "lock down" discounting, direct pricing and cash drawer operations that can be targets for theft. When employees know that you are taking control of your business, their propensity to steal diminishes.

Model Stock Levels Equal... You Guessed It... Increased Profits!

Are you overstocked in certain departments? Are you under-stocked in others? What is your inventory shrink? Do you know?

Overstocks eat up available cash, and under-stocks lead to lost sales and return customers. Both clobber your bottom line.

The General Store's inventory and sales reports allow you to pinpoint fast movers and slow movers in your store. Add "Min/Max" levels and a fully integrated purchase order system, and you have the tools you need to properly stock your store with the proper inventory mix to maximize sales and profits.

Complete integration to several affordable handheld data collectors allows you to take inventory more efficiently, more effectively, and more often! By performing cycle counts throughout the year, you can pinpoint potential shrink areas in your inventory and correct them before they destroy your profits.

Increase Customer Loyalty, Increase Sales and Profit!

When you have the right product mix in your store, your customers are going to come back again and again. When you can process their transactions faster with bar-code technology, and integrated high-speed credit card processing technology, that's even better. Efficiency is another key to retaining customer loyalty.

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