Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems

Phone System Dealers share Secrets on Saving Money and Avoiding Costly Mistakes

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BuyerZone works with dozens of the best phone system dealers in the country. We interviewed several of them to get you the details on how you can be a smarter buyer and avoid some common mistakes. Here's what they had to say.

What's the biggest mistake buyers make when purchasing a phone system?

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Several of our dealers agreed that many buyers think too much about short-term cost savings - often at the expense of long-term results.

Maynard's point about choosing a high-quality provider was echoed by Greg Hendrix:

Our final mistake focuses on understanding the total impact of the phone system - not just the financials.

What are the best ways for buyers to save money on a phone system purchase?

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Want more? We also asked these phone system dealers about important trends in telecommunications purchasing today.

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