Time and Attendance Systems

Time and Attendance Systems

Time and Attendance Success Stories by Industry

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Our time and attendance software solutions save time and money for many industries by accommodating special pay rules, legal regulations and schedule automation. Our featured industries are:

Solutions for Banking »

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Banks Capitalize on Attendance Enterprise Data Online

With distributed employees across locations and even states, banks need to be able to quickly summarize and analyze employee information to make staffing, scheduling and leave management decisions. Wage, overtime and vacation-use reports are also critical.

Using a streamlined system like Attendance Enterprise saves supervisors the time of trying to gather, collate and send this information using less efficient methods like paper timesheets and fax machines.

Solutions for Education »

Educational Institutions Economize to Survive

Most K-12 schools, colleges and universities face severe budget cuts. Educators must teach more students with less money. Attendance Enterprise can help to eliminate the labor expense of using inefficient paper time cards, manually calculating overtime rates to be in compliance with FLSA, or compiling multiple payrolls from different locations across school districts.

Solutions for Healthcare »

Healthcare Organizations Improve Processes, Track Shift Differentials

Healthcare organizations employ diverse individuals, and are often open 24 hours a day. Union employees like medical assistants and nurses often get hourly wage increases when they work at certain times of the day or week. Keeping track of these wage changes is complicated. Attendance Enterprise simplifies employee time tracking for the healthcare industry.

Solutions for Hospitality »

Hospitality Industry Systematizes Timekeeping

When your business is entertaining others, the last thing you need is to spend more time than necessary timekeeping for employees. Our hospitality industry customers find that Attendance Enterprise lessens the amount of time needed to prepare for payroll. Attendance Enterprise also eliminates the temptation for employees to punch in for their coworkers.

Solutions for Manufacturing »

Manufacturing Reduces the Burden

Shift workers frequently have irregular schedules from week to week. Additionally, labor contracts can stipulate complicated rules for employee lunches, breaks or premium pay. Attendance Enterprise automates attendance data collection and labor allocation reporting, and it helps companies manage absenteeism.

Solutions for Retail »

Retail Outlets Instantly Access Archives, Systematize Data Collection and Analysis

Staffing levels are important for the retail industry. Attendance Enterprise allows managers to easily schedule employees in order to optimize the number of employees working and to minimize overtime.

Solutions for Services »

Services Organizations Track Employees through Constant Change

When managing shift workers in a fast-paced environment, accurate timekeeping is critical. Managing labor resources through smart scheduling is also important. Attendance Enterprise presents labor data in a way that is immediately useful to managers.

InfoTronics optimizes your time and attendance solution using industry-specific knowledge, as well as our expertise in the time and attendance field.

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