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Time and Attendance Systems

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TimeIPS was created to automate the time, attendance and job costing needs for our growing manufacturing and distribution business. We needed to effectively and efficiently manage the costs associated with keeping track of time, attendance and manufacturing labor costs for our growing base of employees and contractors.

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In the years leading up to the development of TimeIPS, we experienced rapid market acceptance of our computer and technology products sold under our parent company, Stratitec, through major retailers across the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. From our inception in 2000, our revenues, unit production and shipments have grown rapidly to a level requiring our infrastructure to support automated employee tracking needs and automation for shipments of up to 60,000 units per week all across North America and Europe.

As a result of our growth, we went in search of a real-time, automated time & attendance solution. We looked for a system with the ability to automatically track time, attendance and project labor costs specifically designed for businesses and organizations that offered the following:

Our extensive search yielded many different options, most of which were tens of thousands of dollars for very limited systems. None of these expensive systems fit our needs and the pricing.... we considered it to be outrageous.

So for an effective solution, we looked to our extensive experience derived from over 20 years of developing, producing and marketing consumer and business technology products. This experience, when coupled with our proven capability in making technology easy-to-use and affordable, we knew would deliver a solution that fit our criteria - even if we had to create it ourselves. And that's just what we did!

Leveraging our many years of product development and manufacturing experience with a substantial corporate know-how in process automation, programming, hardware engineering and high technology systems design, TimeIPS was born.

Today, TimeIPS is a rapidly expanding, business and organizational automation tool that saves thousands of businesses and organizations tens of thousands of dollars each year it's used - TimeIPS first pays for itself and then adds to your bottom line. How do we know? Because, as our parent company Stratitec continues shipping up to 60,000 products every week all across North America, TimeIPS delivers real and substantial savings through better personnel management and cost tracking for them each and every day. Through our continued significant product development investments in product enhancements, ease of use and performance, we know the power, performance and bottom line savings for existing and new TimeIPS customers will only get better.

Our rapidly growing list of customers include education and government institutions, small, medium and even Fortune 500 businesses of many different types, from all across North America - Retail, Automotive, Construction, Call Centers, Health Care, Manufacturing, Assembly & Production, Warehousing & Logistics, Food Service, Daycare, Restaurants, Game & Entertainment, Non-Profit Organizations...and more. TimeIPS also offers the functionality and special educational and government pricing that's made it the choice for schools and government organizations across America for Employee and Student Attendance Management.

TimeIPS - Ideal for virtually any industry, business or organization.

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