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Time and Attendance Systems

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TimeIPS is a complete network-based digital time-clock system that automates time, attendance, job tracking, benefits and payroll functions. TimeIPS systems are patented, fully integrated, scalable, versatile, self-contained clocks and server appliances. Whether you have as few as 15 employees or as many as 15,000 employees, TimeIPS is a complete system that will provide superior automated time and management capabilities to your business or organization.

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With thousands of companies, organizations, schools and government entities using TimeIPS for their time, attendance, job tracking and payroll automation, we are positive that TimeIPS is THE solution you are looking for. We offer a multitude of options for collecting and managing the time and attendance of your employees and we are confident that we can design a system to fit your business. If you're ready to know more, we would love to talk to you right now to design a system to fit your business.


TimeIPS can be configured and ready-to-run in just minutes. Simply connect TimeIPS to your network (or directly to a computer) and plug in the power. TimeIPS will be ready to automate time, attendance and payroll for your business or institution. TimeIPS provides a complete tool suite to manage employee time, attendance, and to track time for jobs and projects - all in REAL-TIME without having to install software or configure a complex hardware device.

Easy Setup

Unlike most advanced time and attendance systems, TimeIPS is ready to work right out of the box.

Easy For Employees

Each time an employee clocks in or out, the station's LCD screen provides immediate feedback on hours worked and remaining non-overtime hours for hourly employees.

Easy For Managers

Each day, managers can use the system's easy-to-navigate tools to see employee labor hours and jobs worked, absences, schedule deviations, overtime alerts, enter benefits for sick, vacation or PTO and much more.

We encourage you to schedule a free one-on-one telephone / web-based meeting and with one of our automation consultants or consulting engineers today.

Time IPS Is:

How Much Time Can IPS Save You?

TimeIPS uniquely integrates time and attendance records, scheduling, job/project tracking and employee information, providing real-time detailed viewing and reporting of work trends.

By incorporating advanced features with an easy-to-use interface, TimeIPS pays for itself by eliminating common employee and payroll issues.

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