PEO - Employee Leasing

PEO - Employee Leasing

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Real-World PEO Prices From Recent BuyerZone Buyers

Find out what other BuyerZone paid for PEO services and get an idea of how much you'd pay to outsource your human resources functions.

Types of PEO Arrangements

It's important for owners to know what their options are for outsourcing HR functions and leasing employees. We've outlined the different services and ways to work with PEO companies.

PEO Employee and Employer Benefits

As a business owner you'll get a number of benefits from working with a PEO company. Your employees will be gaining a number of benefits through this as well.

PEO Functions and Benefits for Businesses

Professional Employee Leasing companies offer benefits to business owners and employees the same. Be sure to understand what these functions are, and what they cost businesses.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Providers

It's essential that the company you're outsourcing the HR and staffing needs of your company is reputable, because of the tax and legal implications that they handle. We've outlined the top providers, their offerings, and what you can expect to pay.

Additional PEO - Employee Leasing Articles

HROplus PEO Services

HROPlus has a long history of serving companies with PEO, and HR services. We've outlined their offerings, benefits, and a ballpark of what you can expect to pay.

Oasis Outsourcing PEO Services

Oasis Outsourcing is known in the industry for the customization of the benefits packages that they offer small businesses. We've outlined their services and provided ballpark prices on what you can expect to pay.

Overview of ADP’s PEO Services

ADP offers a number of PEO functions to benefit small and medium businesses alike. We've highlighted their offerings and included information around what you could expect to pay.

PEO Services: What They Do and How They Work

A professional employer organization, or PEO, assumes responsibility of administrative tasks for small to mid-sized businesses. Smaller businesses that don't have the manpower or other resources to perform these tasks on their own typically seek PEO services.

PEO Services for Medium Sized Business

Human resources concerns grow as the size of the business does. We've outlined what the concerns are for a business that has 99 to 999 employees, and what they can expect to save from a PEO.

PEO Services for Small Businesses

Small business owners often cannot handle Human Resources functions and duties themselves. There are a few aspects that are specific to smaller businesses that we've laid out here.

Understanding Construction Employee Leasing Services

Imagine having multiple bids out for projects and not worrying that your construction company might win them all. In a competitive environment, construction businesses are faced with the difficulties of increased labor costs and the pressure to stay within - or below - set budgets.

What is An Employee Leasing Service?

Many small businesses do not have the time or resources to meet their administrative and human resources needs. When a business owner realizes the company cannot handle such responsibilities, they typically outsource them. An employee leasing service can often provide the solution.

What PEO TriNet Can Do for Your Business Model

When looking for employee leasing companies you want to know if they operate in your industry and can find qualified staff. TriNet works in numerous industries and we've outlined their industry specific products.

XcelHR Provides HR Services for Your Small Business Needs

XcelHR is known in the industry for allowing businesses to customize what PEO and ASO services they want for their businesses. We've summarized their offerings here.

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