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October 2013

Our Contributors:

Joe Keenan Joe Keenan

Joe Keenan is the managing editor of Retail Online Integration and eM+C, two B-to-B trade publications.

Gilon Miller Gilon Miller

Gilon Miller is a VP and Chief Marketing Officer at Upstream Commerce, a leader in Pricing Intelligence solutions for retailers.

The General Store The General Store

Donna Crichlow is the Director of Sales for The General Store, a POS system company that specializes in systems for retailers in Florida and nationwide. For more information, contact The General Store directly: (866) 576-1592

David Rich David Rich

David Rich currently serves as CEO at ICC/Decision Services, a customer experience management organization working with retail chains around the globe. If you are interested in improving your customer's experience, contact ICC/Decision Services for a free trial.

Industry insights are experts within the retail industry who have experience across broad or focused areas of their industry. Each week our expert columnists will share their insights and advice on popular retail topics such as technology trends, seasonal shopping, customer satisfaction tips, and more!

Editorial Meets Commerce

Retailers are incorporating content marketing into their overall strategy. Industry Insights' Joe Keenan explains why and offers suggestions on how more retailers can add the program to their marketing strategy.Oct 17, 2013

How to Prepare for an Omni-Channel Future with a Dedicated Customer Experience Leader

Creating a Chief Customer Officer position can help your retail business plan for future trends, such as the inevitable shift to omni-channel integration. Industry Insights' David Rich explains what other benefits the position can have for retailers.Oct 15, 2013

7 Reasons Why Retailers Have to Get Real In Today's Market

The eCommerce industry -- still in its infancy -- is already presenting abundant challenges to retailers. Industry Insights' Gilon Miller provides solutions retailers must act on to stay in the game.Oct 3, 2013

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