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Air Compressors

Air Compressor Manufacturers

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The development of compressed air has had an enormous impact on manufacturing and industrial processes throughout the world since the first compressors began to emerge in the 1920s. From nail guns to spray paint machines, an endless variety of modern tools now use air compressors to increase their accuracy, power, and productivity. In fact, few industries are exempt from the technology if they hope to remain competitive. Some of the most popular applications include medical and laboratory testing, automotive service and repair, general construction, and commercial offices.

Within these unique environments, air compressors are used for everything from building schools and subways to extracting minerals deep within the earth – not to mention providing an extensive range of critical medical and dental care.

Air compressors offer a variety of horsepower (hp), capacity (cfm), and working pressure (psi). Yet within this myriad of options, they tend to fall into two general categories:

  1. Stationary: Of the two, stationary compressors tend to provide the most power, installed into a fixed position and hardwired into the location’s power grid.
  2. Portable: These models are powered by electricity, battery, or gas and vary greatly in terms of size. Some are small enough to be moved around the shop by hand. Others are mounted to a trailer, enabling them to be towed from location to location for on-site construction and other temporary heavy-duty tasks.

Top air compressor manufacturers

Many leading manufacturers hold ISO 9001 certification, guaranteeing that all quality standards are consistently met. This is especially crucial for medical, food service, automotive, and even industrial applications where strict guidelines must be followed to ensure a 100% pure stream of air that’s free of moisture and contaminates.

Companies tend to specialize in particular industries or cater to applications of a particular size. Industry leaders currently include:

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