Business Franchises

Business Franchises

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Subway's Purchasing Trends Over a Decade: Product Tracking and Corporate Responsibility

Subway's purchasing co-op's promotion software keeps track of product to avoid shortages and gluts.

A Plain Language Guide to Restaurant Financing on the Smaller Scale

A plain-language guide to restaurant financing on the smaller scale.

Finding the Best Franchises to Buy

Buying a franchise with a track record of success is no guarantee that your particular franchise will succeed. To choose the best franchises, you need to research both the industry you're considering and the specific companies selling franchises in those industries.

A Car Wash Franchise is a Sound Business Model

If you're looking for a proven cash business, consider a car wash franchise. We've compiled considerations and costs associated.

Qualifying for a McDonald's Franchise

From the familiar menu items to the colorful mascots to the iconic golden arches, billions of people around the world have made the McDonalds franchise a household name.

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A Gas Station Franchise isn't for Everyone

An aspiring entrepreneur may view owning a gas station franchise as a license to print money. After all, everybody who drives a vehicle needs to purchase gas, even when prices soar. Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple.

Benefits of Investing in Established Blue-Chip Brand

Basking in a favorable investment climate, chains explore ownership options.

Buying a Dunkin Donuts Franchise

New England-based Dunkin' Donuts has been steadily climbing up the rankings of the country's most successful franchises.

Conceptual Thinking: P.F. Changs Founder Forges Ahead in Restaurant Innovation

Paul Fleming is still creating concepts, but now he wants to buy them, too.

Corner Bakery Expands Quick Service Cafe Franchises

Il Fornaio's acquisition of Corner Bakery could mean the fast-casual concept is on the rise.

Full Speed Ahead for Fast-Food Franchisees

New and existing technologies speed service at the drive-thru and takeout counter.

Hotel Franchise Trend Forecasts Past and Present

Creative franchisors are cashing in on their customers' new ideas about what, and where a franchised hotel should be.

How IHOP Manages Multi-Franchise Print Marketing

IHOP units customize marketing with an online print-management tool.

Jamba Juice Franchise

Entrepreneurs looking to enter a new but proven marketplace can invest in a Jamba Juice franchise. The San Francisco-based health food chain boasts 440 locations nationwide offering an array of juices and smoothies.

Presence Abroad Means Success at Home

McDonald's is refining its Plan to Win strategy to woo 1.3 billion Chinese consumers.

Steps to Becoming a Chick-fil-A Franchise Owner

In fast food - or "good food served fast" - establishments, customer service is king. If you are looking to purchase a Chick-fil-A franchise, you need to be prepared to devote much of your time to quality of customer service.

The History and Future of Donatos Pizza

For Donatos Pizza, the struggle after parting ways with McDonald's may finally be over.

Wendy's Franchises Save Money by Focusing on Web Operations

With food margins tightening, a new Web service helps Wendy's franchisees manage food costs.

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